Residential & Commercial Appliance Services in Saint Amant, LA

Stove Repair

tv repair

If a burner is not working properly, the stove is not heating up well, or food is being cooked unevenly, our stove repair services can help. We can do a thorough cleaning to make the coils work more efficiently, replace pilot lights, install new knobs, or repair wiring. We’ll get you cooking good food again in no time.

Oven Repair

Over time, ovens can stop heating food or take a long time to preheat. Other issues include overheating, shutting off before the timer, the timer not working, or the thermostat giving an inaccurate temperature. All these problems can be fixed with simple repairs and new parts. We will get your oven ready to bake delicious desserts and hot meals again.

Refrigerator Repair

We fix problems with refrigerators including burned out bulbs, the temperature being too warm or too cold, the freezer getting too cold and putting freezer burn on foods, and the refrigerator or freezer shutting off suddenly. A good cleaning of the back of the unit can help, or a simple bulb replacement, new wiring, or thermostat can take care of the problem.

Dishwasher Repair

When dishwashers don’t clean like they should, turn off suddenly, won’t turn on, or run too slowly, Acadian Appliance Service can fix the soap dispenser, buttons, computerized settings, and connection hoses to get your dishes clean and dry.

Microwave Repair

If your microwave has stopped heating your food, turns off in the middle of a heating cycle, has stopped turning, or overheats food, call Acadian Appliance Service and get the repairs done that you need to quickly prepare food.

Washer & Dryer Repairs

Washers can become unbalanced and shake violently during a wash cycle. They can also stop halfway through the cycle and not finish washing the clothes, use too much water, not clean clothes fully, or not start at all. Dryers can stop heating up, heat up too much on low settings, run loudly, or take longer than normal to dry clothes. We will fix any of these problems as well as clean the coils behind the units to ensure they run more efficiently.

Acadian Appliance Service always offers to fix any appliance when possible, but will notify customers when it is more cost efficient to replace the appliance. We never pressure customers into unnecessary repairs or replacements and will inform you of potential future problems we see when we inspect the appliance for repair.