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Acadian Appliance Service, located in St. Amant, Louisiana, is locally owned and operated by Bryan Lee. We’ve been in business since 1987 and service all makes of major appliances. We offer great service at a fair price. We offer stove, dishwasher, refrigeration, washing machine, and microwave oven repairs and maintenance services.

We know it can be inconvenient to be stuck in your home with a broken appliance or without an appliance that you need. Our employees quickly repair or install the essential things you need to go about your business in your home. It may be as simple as replacing a wire or switch on your fuse box or it may need a complete overhaul or replacement. We are upfront and honest about cost. We arrive on time for your appointment, go over exactly what we’re going to do, and clean up completely when the job is finished. Our team always advises you on any preparation you need to do before we arrive. We’ll get your kitchen or laundry room up and running in no time.


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Our Services

Our technicians have years of experience under their belts, and can handle every job from refrigerator repair to annual washer & dryer maintenance!

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Refrigerator & Icebox:
Repair and Maintenance

We fix problems with refrigerators including burned out bulbs, the temperature being too warm or too cold, the freezer getting too cold and putting freezer burn on foods, and the refrigerator or freezer shutting off suddenly. A good cleaning of the back of the unit can help, or a simple bulb replacement, new wiring, or thermostat can take care of the problem. When you need a refrigerator repair, call Acadian Appliance Service!

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Washer & Dryer:
Repair and Maintenance

Washers can become unbalanced and shake violently during a wash cycle. They can also stop halfway through the cycle and not finish washing the clothes, use too much water, not clean clothes fully, or not start at all. Dryers can stop heating up, heat up too much on low settings, run loudly, or take longer than normal to dry clothes. We will fix any of these problems as well as clean the coils behind the units to ensure they run more efficiently. Call Acadian Appliance Service now for a fair quote and quick service on your washer repair or dryer repair job!

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Stovetops & Ovens:
Repair and Maintenance

If your burner isn't functioning as it should, the stove isn't heating effectively, food is cooking unevenly, or you're experiencing issues with your oven such as prolonged preheating, overheating, premature shut-offs, malfunctioning timers, or inaccurate thermostat readings, our comprehensive repair services are here to assist. From thorough cleaning to optimize coil efficiency, replacing pilot lights, installing new knobs, repairing wiring, to addressing all oven-related problems, our skilled technicians have seen and fixed it all. With our top-notch stove and oven repair solutions, you'll be back to cooking delicious meals and desserts in no time!

Dishwasher Repair

Dishwashers, Microwave-Ovens, and so much more!

When your unit doesn’t clean like it should, turns off suddenly, won’t turn on, or runs too slowly, it can be a headache even diagnosing the issue. Let our professional team handle the dishwasher repair instead. 

That's all to say, most all your home appliances - both big and small - are just one call away from being fixed! 

All Brands We Service:

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Great friendly service at a fair price. He knew what he was doing and was well prepared. Acadian Appliance was recommended to me and I can see why.
Scott Moreau

“Great Service, Fair Price”

“Extremely Helpful, Responsive”

Bryan was extremely helpful and responsive after we first called about a refrigerator problem. Got the part ordered and installed just a few days later. Very good customer service.
Jason Hicks

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